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Υα Ουzακι Ταβέρνα Μεζεδοπωλείο

In an island full of good restaurants, taverns and snack bars are twice as hard to discern. You have to have many weapons in your arsenal to win fans. And Ya Oyzaki and has and is.

In a quiet, pleasant and elegant surroundings you will have the opportunity to try amazing-changed tidbits that will make you think that you\'re Sunday afternoon in the family for dinner made by mom\'s hands.

And around here stop the descriptions because what follows is just ... indescribable. Each output in Ya Ouzaki, moreover, is synonymous for years with a dip in the most crystal clear waters of the Greek kitchen filled with sea salt or tsiknisti taste. Because here the cuisine pays tribute equally to seafood and meats. Appetizers, fish, meat and a host of other imaginative treats undertake to show the power and aroma of ouzo, raki and in a series of rare wines.

Instead you talk about pure and production materials and the mastery of culinary art, we prefer to suggest you try the strong personality of tyrokafteri or the sweetness of zucchini, their kapnada of melitzanosalatas and, of course, the majesty of the mix grill showing that the case is very lean ....

What else should I add to achieve the ultimate recipe for fun? You just put a good company. Because for all the rest took care of already Ya Ouzaki.

Address: Nomos Dodekanisou | Rodos | Xar. Mosxou 100
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