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Alexis 4Seasons

Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Rodos, Aristotelous 33 Old Town

Description: In a historic building with beautiful garden, surrounded by medieval walls of Rhodes Old Town, the area is Alexis4Seasons...

Arancino Pizzeria

Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Rodos,

Description: Authentic flavors in the pizza of your desire. Pure and fresh. Raw materials that highlight the real substances. With the guarantee of Sicilian AGGELO.


Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Rodos, 18 Hippocratous Old Town

Description: Enjoy lunch or dinner in a romantic setting with a magik view of the Old Town, from our 3...


Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Ialusos, 21 Rimini Str.Ialysos

Description: Family Tavern Restaurant BELLISIIMO Michael Kladitis Enjoying the serenity meets the sea front, snaps ties with seafood and traditional handmade Greek foods. With a tradition of 10 years remains the BELLISSIMO the picturesque beach of Ialysos.


Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Ialusos, Iraklidon 90 Ixia

Description: Restaurant DIMITRIOS is located in Ixia an area of Rhodes with the larger hotels. In a friendly environment to...


Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Rodos, G.papanikolaou 6

Description: With more than 30 years presence in Rhodes, classic gourmet restaurant "Ellinikon", more refreshed than ever, offering unique moments...


Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Rodos, Akti Miaouli 4-6

Description: The particularly chic and tasteful Italian Restaurant Felicia boasts cosy spaces and unique Italian cuisine. Located in the heart...


Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Peukous, Pefki Main road

Description: From London’s Covent garden to Lothiarika (Lardos village), now in Pefkos main road, this is Flavia restaurant. Popular, friendly, good food, not expensive


Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Arxaggelos, Paralia Stegna

Description: On the shore of the Archangel Stegna is one of the most beautiful fish restaurants on the island. Wave over the eastern Mediterranean will enjoy beautiful and eating fresh fish. We wait. . .

Hatzikelis Fish Taverna

Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Rodos, Solomou 9 alhadef str.Old town

Description: Hatzikelis, pioneered in offering seafood prepared directly from any other restaurant, not limiting its offering to the classic Greek...


Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Rodos, Evreon Martiron 5 Old Town

Description: Welcome to restaurant Ippotikon, in the medieval city of Rhodes! This fine 14th century palace boasts the knights...

Tradicional Cafe Agora

Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Rodos, Nea agora Mandraki

Description: We are at the center of the city of Rhodes in the new market (Mandraki). Our principle is quality food. Wonderful dishes (Tapas), fish, meats, and many more that will amaze the taste. We expect to experience the real Greek cuisine.


Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Kiotari,


Knights of olde

Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Ialusos, Ierou Lohou

Description: Dawn & Mihalis welcome you to knights of olde restaurant-mezedopolio-bar. When in Greece, eat as the Greeks do choose...

Το Στέκι του Χειλά

Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Rodos, Xatziaggelou & Dendrinou gonia Rodos

Description: A story that began 18 years ago and continues to lead in our hearts. The hangout of Chila insists on serving quality seafood at several really low prices. Visit to learn the truth and you.

Υα Ουzακι Ταβέρνα Μεζεδοπωλείο

Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Rodos, Xar. Mosxou 100

Description: In an island full of good restaurants, taverns and snack bars are twice as hard to discern. You have...


Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Rodos, Akti Kanari 9

Description: Leaving the city of Rhodes with destination country road Rhodes-Kameirou Psaropoula you in the wonderful beach. There, 20 meters...


Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Rodos, Akti Kanari 17

Description: n the city of Rhodes in Psaropoula 20 meters from the beautiful beach is the restaurant Ladokola (Loot). From...


Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Kolumpia, Kolumpia Terma Eukalupton dexia

Description: After a pleasant walk in the shade of eucalyptus offer a friendly and pleasant environment by the sea. In Rhodes,...

Kavos Mare Taverna

Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Peukous, Pefki

Description: We invite you to come and explore the magnificent Kavos Mare Taverna which is located at the quite end...

Kyma Beach Restaurant

Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Peukous, Pefki

Description: The finest dining experience in Pefkos. A creative and thoughtfully selective cuisine, using only quality ingredients. Unique tastes and...

La Bonita

Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Ialusos, Ialyssos beach

Description: Rhodes widest selection of fresh fish lobsters, prawns and steaks!!! Original Greek dishes. SINCE...

La Serra

Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Ialusos, Ierou loxou 63



Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Rodos, Alhadef 16 Old town

Description: As you walk through the Gate of Acandia to enter the Old Town you will find LAGANIS...


Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Rodos, Evdoxou 49 Old Town

Description: Inside the old city of Rhodes, the jewel of the Emerald Isle is the restaurant Lefteras. Come visit us and enjoy our fresh seafood and wonderful marinade us. Our delicious snacks such as the famous stuffed (in Orhan), cod with garlic, anchovies marinated in rosemary and many others

Lindos Restaurant

Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Lindos, Lindos

Description: Welcome to Lindos Restaurant ------------------------------------------------------------------ Lindos Restaurant is owned by George Eleftheriou and currently run by his son Nikos. George...

Mpoukia - Mpoukia

Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Rodos, Platonos 22 Old Town

Description: When blends tradition with the taste quality makes the language of cooking, with great success, making the familiar Greek dishes around the world, and a taster customers visit us throughout the year for the uniqueness of cooked. Dishes from our Mama\'s hands Bite Bite each individual taste.

Nikolas Restaurant-Taverna

Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Peukous, Pefki

Description: In the restaurant Nikolas located in Pefkos can easily be seduced by the welcoming atmosphere and traditional surroundings and...


Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Rodos, Hppokratous 20 old Town

Description: In a friendly atmosphere waiting for you to enjoy the wonderful and delicious flavors made ​​from us and enjoy the magnificent views of the castle in the main square of the gem of Rhodes Old Town.


Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Arxaggelos, Stegna

Description: In the beach Archangelos stegna is the restaurant Panagiotis 10 meters from the waves of the sea. A...


Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Peukous, Pefki

Description: Philosophia beach restaurant is situated above the main Pefkos beach, panoramic sea views and amazing sunsets, to be...


Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Rodos, Ippodamou 3-5 Old Town

Description: Arriving at the jewel of Rhodes old town, walking the main street of the Socrates fascinated by the ancient...

Stegna Star Restaurant

Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Arxaggelos, Stegna Beach

Description: Our restaurant, just ten meters from the Aegean Sea waves, offers the Greek and international specialties like nowhere else....


Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Rodos, Sofokleous 16 Old Town

Description: Our restaurant has been operating since 1985 in the old city of Rhodes. The unique garden you can enjoy...


Address: Nomos Dodekanisou, Katabia, 68o xlm. Rodou - Katabias

Description: Going for the wonderful Prasonisi on the south side of Rose at the 68th km Rhodes Katavia meet the...